Life style for expats in Sri Lanka ?

Pravin T . Posted in Immigration and Emigration 1188 3 Comments

What is the cost of living in Sri Lanka and what is the lifestyle for expats?  am being employed by a Healthcare Company in Sri Lanka. I would like to know more about cost of living.

3 thoughts on “Life style for expats in Sri Lanka ?”

  1. Mighty C says:

    Pretty low.

    And watch out for Tamil Tigers. (Terrorists not animals…)

  2. Babygirl says:

    Cost of Living for Sri Lankans is pretty high.

    Where in SL are u employed? If it is Colombo, it will be very convenient for you.
    Will u be living alone or with family?
    If you are living alone,
    Rent typically, SLR 15k, Basic Utility Bills 2500, Transport cost would be cheap if travelling by bus.

    A salary of SLR 50K should be minimum to save as well.

    Let me know, if u need anything else.

  3. nvidura says:

    Government news sources says that LTTE problem is almost settled… However cost of living is too high…

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