Leasing for Motor Bikes and scooters in Sri Lanka

Leasing for Motor Bikes and scooters in Sri Lanka

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Having a motorbike is a dream of most Sri Lankan boys and girls. Most of the public now use motorbikes for their day today commutes due to many factors. The scooters are also becoming much popular both among ladies and gents. The car price is increasing everyday and there is a higher maintenance cost. Further, the insurance also is not bearable to many. Even though you have a car, it is really hard to use them during the busy hours. In contrast, one can easily drive through the traffic in a motorbike.

However, there are still many who can not afford a motorbike. Specially, those who just started working. Usually, the leasing services was limited to unregistered cars and other four wheel vehicles in the past. Then, there were leasing services targeting the new three-wheel buyers. Now, there is a good news for those who want to buy a motorbike.

Following are few of the leasing companies providing leasing facility for motorbikes.

1. Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL)

MBSL is a finance company affiliated with Bank of Ceylon. They are providing motorbike leasing under the “Double Wheel Leasing” service for new motorbike buyers.

MBSL issues this leasing facility for both brand new motorbikes and scooters. The recognized brands for this leasing service at the time of writing this are Honda,  Bajaj, Yamaha, TVS, Suzuki and Hero. It is significant that they provide one day leasing service with minimum documents needed for the acceptance. The installments are low with very competitive interest rates. The leasing duration is five years. They finance 70% of the market value of the motor bike.

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