Kotte Deputy Mayor Maduranga Vithanage’s Video …

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Just read about the story of Layer Maduranga Vithanage in an online news paper. According to that news the Mayor of Kotte has released a video (bad one – claimed to be Lawyer Maduranga Vithanage with a girl) among party members which also include Sri lanka president.

According to reports Kotte Mayor Janaka Ranawaka and Deputy Mayor (Lawyer) Maduranga Vithanage are not in good terms. They had this conflict from the nomination days. Jayantha Ranawaka was supported by Parliamentarian Duminda Silva and Maduranga is Minister Dallas Alahaperuma’s close alliance.

So does any of you know where I can see this video ( No I am not a bad guy…I just want to to examine the video for authenticity…LOL). May be there has to be a downloading link ….

2 thoughts on “Kotte Deputy Mayor Maduranga Vithanage’s Video …”

  1. Samson says:

    Don’t worry to check it. CID will look after it.

  2. On March 28th, Colombo additional district judge Dammika Ganepola issued a statement preventing Kotte Mayor Janka Ranawaka releasing the photos and videos of this incidence.

    The deputy mayor has filed a case in the district court and he claims that these images have been doctored to tarnish his image.

    Accordingly Kotte mayor Janaka Ranawaka has had plans to distribute this video in the Kotte area.

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