Isn’t Lanka Help is the Sri lanka’s first ever Q & A site ?

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I recently got a spam e-mail promoting a one web site which claims it is the Sri Lanka’s first ever Q & A site. But I know very well that Lanka Help is the first Q & A site. I became a part of this community almost 2 years back and I surf the internet enough and search about Sri lanka enough not to miss a single web site from Sri Lanka.

i visited this site and found out that it has been started very recently. I could not find much information about the domain registration as it is a lk site.

People all around the world, specially Sri Lankan expatriates have rallied around Lanka Help and you are doing tremendous job. I am really proud to be a part of the team from the onset.

I do not expect anything by helping fellow Sri Lankans in this community. But I would like to suggest some incentives to post question in the site. I know there is the point system but we can give some monthly gift.

Our team who comprise experts in many fields can answer most of the questions and it will be a good idea to promote posting the questions. I see that has a good opportunity for me to help more and more people.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t Lanka Help is the Sri lanka’s first ever Q & A site ?”

  1. Krishantha says:

    I also read this when Shantha forwarded that spam e-mail to me. In first place Lanka Help would not do any similar propaganda and will not boost itself.

    I also post answer here to help people and not to get any incentive. We should not have anything more than point system if we need to keep Lanka Help clean and simple.

    Anyway no one can break our records as we are this first and as always I will be with lanka help helping to promote Sri Lanka.

  2. Samson says:

    Shantha, why we worry about being first or second. What matters is the service we provide. No one can compete with Lanka Help in that regard.

  3. Admin says:

    Dear friends of Lanka Help Q & A!

    It is always good to have competitors. I had plans to implement some incentives for the questions and answers other than the point system. But it is not practical and I agree with Samson that it may polluted the site with stupid questions and uselss answers.

    Anyway it is in my back of mind. When I have free time to moitor the site or when we have more staff we will implement that soon.

    Anyway we have contributors in Lanka Help Magazine who do a tremendous job writing articles which are useful to Sri Lankans.

  4. Lanka Help – You are the best. Stay apolitical and I will be part of this community forever.

  5. To my knowledge there was not any Q & A site in Sri Lanka. I used to use yahoo answers but anytime I post a question I only get useless question from an Indian or a foreigner who even does not know where Sri lanka located.

  6. Admin says:

    Many thanks for your encouraging remarks. You guys are awesome of team of people and you have been the secret of success.

  7. I have also seen many copied the concept and formed groups in Facebook. There is a one guy who appear in Facebook which I suppose a fake profile. He was spreading all the gossips against government and each and everyday he post around 10-20 links in his fake facebook profile which are targeting popular people in Sri lanka. He started a group even copying our name with little changes. I wonder how he even use the word “help’ as a person who live abroad tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka.

    He does only see the human rights issues in the country and I am sure he will use that FB community to back mail Sri Lanka. As Brenda told me I like the fact that Lanka Help has been devoid of dirty politics. But it must be one reason for it not to be popular among policalized sri lankans.

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