Is World Cup Final moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka?

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I just now got an e-mail telling that world cup final match between Sri Lanka and India has been moved to Sri Lanka. It says that this is due to intelligence reports saying that there is a risk of terrorist attack in Mumbai India.
I live in Canada and hope lanka help friends who live in Sri Lanka have a better idea. Is there any reliable news.
I noted the same news in Divaina online edition. But it is still hard for me to believe this. If there is any change of venue there has to be some preparation in R.Premadasa ground. have you noticed any preparation in R. Premadasa ground?
Has Sri Lanka cricket or ICC issued a notice?

3 thoughts on “Is World Cup Final moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka?”

  1. I also received the news through a phone call from a friend. he has read it in an online paper. It is really hard to believe , Lanka Help Admin hope you can contact your friends and clarify this news.

  2. Samson says:

    I saw it in Facebook. Oh My my goodness this rumor seems to be spreading very fast. I think this is the risk of fast spread information through Internet. yes I know there are many benefits of Internet. it would be OK for a single day.

  3. Admin says:

    Dear friends we have published an article in this regard in our magazine. Please check it out. here is the link.
    Cricket World Cup Final venue changed – The truth

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