Is Sri Lanka the best country in the world as far as natural beauty is concern?

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I heard that by nature sri lanka is the best country could some one know more about this issue?

3 thoughts on “Is Sri Lanka the best country in the world as far as natural beauty is concern?”

  1. Finn M says:

    bali , i believe is truly amazing. ive been there 11 times and im gonna move there when i turn 18 (yes, im not even past 14 yet….)
    i believe bali is amazing!

  2. helloimlily says:

    Sri Lanka best known for their beaches but the most beautiful country in the world would be Canada & Switzerland they own the best mountain views & ski resort ever plus this country have the most clean river on the planet.

  3. Tharu77 says:

    Sri Lanka is an island of no great size, yet it has an extraordinary number of facets. As Sir Arthur C Clarke remarked: “The Island of Sri Lanka is a small universe; it contains as many variations of culture, scenery, and climate as some countries a dozen times its size . . . I find it hard to believe that there is any country which scores so highly in all departments – which has so many advantages and so few disadvantages.” Lovely beaches, beautiful landscapes, impressive ruins, a vibrant culture and charming people.

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