Is Sri Lanka safe as a travel destination?

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I know it is beautiful, and would have visited 10 years ago. Lately, news about Sri Lanka make me think otherwise.


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5 thoughts on “Is Sri Lanka safe as a travel destination?”

  1. |DAN| says:

    apprantly theres wars and stuff like that alot. better to go with tourist people. im not from there, but i watch the news and dont think its safe lol

  2. Jammie_♥ says:

    Yes. Some areas. But one thing that cant be avoided is natural disasters.

  3. D3V!N says:

    Well the Sri Lankan government says 93 soldiers killed and over 650 wounded during last month fighting, Sri Lankan military Gunbattles kill 11 Tamil rebels in volatile north, etc.

  4. john l says:

    i think so just as long as you respect what can happen and just be aware and most of all refrain from passing opinions about local politics

  5. bling says:

    Its not safe….if you can, avoid Sri Lanka now…

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