Is Ranjan Saliya , Rukman Asitha’s brother

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Ranjan Saliya – The artist who sang the “Ahasa deba karana” AKA “Api wenuwen api” Song and who performed in Cinelankaraya with Uresha Ravihari. I am amazed with his talent and still wondering why he does not make one of his own album.
Rukman Asitha – The Sirasa Super Star season 3 singer who were admired most by J.A.Milton Perera and classic songs lovers.
I heard that these two guys are brothers. is that true?

One thought on “Is Ranjan Saliya , Rukman Asitha’s brother”

  1. Yes Ranjan Saliya is the elder brother of Rukman Asitha. he is a one with good education in music (I think he has a “Visharada” degree). As you said Rukman Asitha was one of favorite singer. They both have a natural voice and I like to listen to their songs.
    If you have noticed both of them look similar. They have lot of facial features in common.
    I think Ranjan Saliya will make his own album. But his voice in “Ahasa deba karana” will be sufficient for him to be in our hearts eternally.

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