Is it true that Sarath Fonseka going to Join UNP?

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I read in an online paper that Sarath Fonseka and other Democratic Party leaders like Tiran Alas, Arjuna Ranathunaga, Hashan Thilakarathna are going to join UNP soon. According to the news they have already decided on that in a recent meeting. I do not believe on some of the news reports and same with this. The only reason I can think for this to happen at this time is that UNP will go for a change in their officials. So If these guys are also in they also can be considered for party positions. Undoubtedly then Sarath Fonseka should be given a post in UNP higher ranks.
Does anyone who is well closer to these gentlemen have any idea about this new important political decision?

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  1. Here I am sharing the answer given by one of my well educated, Sri Lankan expatriate
    Terrific wonders were made in Politics, commencing from SWRD B crossing over from UNP in the 50’s to form his own Party.
    Later stalwarts like NM, Colvin broke away from Mrs B in the 70’s the coalition united front government and paved the way for her to loose her civic rights.
    At the same time after Dudley’s death in mid 70’s Rukman broke away from the UNP.
    In the 80’s Hector Kobbekaduwa with Chandrika and Vijaya broke away from SLFP to form the SLMP. and again Chandrika joined the SLFP after Vijaya was assasinated by the JVP.
    Around the same time Anura broke away from SLFP and joined the UNP.
    In early 90’s Lalith, Gamini broke away from the UNP and formed a new party. and later Gamini joined the UNP after Premadasa’s assasination.
    UNP’s Deputy leader with so many seniors joined the SLFP, and rejoined the UNP.
    General secretary of SLFP SB D joined the UNP and rejoined the SLFP. Vasudewa, Dinesh, Bandula too changed parties.
    The learned Prof GL P too followed suite.
    LTTE’s Army commander is a Cabinet minister in the SLFP government.
    Taking into consideration the above facts, what is the big deal if Sarath Fonseka joines UNP?.

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