Is it safe to go to Colombo with the situation now?

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I would like to visit Colombo, SL in late July or August and would be looking to stay for approx 3 weeks for a wedding ceremony. With the current situation and fighting, should I just stay away and try again sometime next year?
Know anyone that has come and gone safely to SL? Any advice? I have read some tourist reviews about visiting SL on the Lonely Planet website and they all seem quite relaxed about visiting Colombo but would like more feedback before I make any decisions.
If I do decide to go, what are some attractions in Colombo that are recommended? Not so keen on travelling outside the city, but welcome any suggestions 🙂

2 thoughts on “Is it safe to go to Colombo with the situation now?”

  1. jette n says:

    i dont know ask the sri lankan emb. colombo do you mean on sri lanka
    phone me 4532556101.
    i live there have a house on sri lanka

  2. Star says:

    Yes, its definitely safe place to go.
    There are over 19 million people living there.
    So go there and have fun.Don’t read tourist reviews,
    if you believe in reviews,you will not be able to travel to any part of the world.Colombo is generally quite place,but if you have time, you can travel out of Colombo, plenty of beaches,hill stations and the Kandy Perehera is around the time you are planning to visit.

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