Is dual citizenship stopped ?

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I am waiting to get my Canadian citizenship in May 2011 and I was planning to get dual citizenship in Canada and Sri Lanka. I was born in Sri Lanka and migrated due to personal reasons but I always wanted to keep my Sri Lankan citizenship status.

I heard that Sri Lankan immigration and emigration has stopped acceptance of Dual citizenship applications. I think it is unfair and wonder what is the motive of doing this.

My questions are :

(1) Has government of Sri Lanka already axed issuing dual citizenship ?
(2) What is the motive behind this ?
(3) Is this stopping of dual citizenship temporary ?
(4) What is the web site address of Immigration and emigration department of Sri Lanka?

4 thoughts on “Is dual citizenship stopped ?”

  1. Krishantha says:

    Yes according to immigration and emigration department’s web site dual citizenship applications are no longer accepted. They have stopped the processing of current citizenship applications.

    I do not understand why they stopped the dual citizenship. Immigration and emigration commissioner says that discontinuation is temporary and it does not have any political motive. But he has failed to give a convincing reason for this sdden decision.

    You may already know that government high ranks are having dual citizenship status. Investment development minister Basil Rajapaksha and his brother, defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha are dual citizens of Sri Lanka and United States.

    Palitha Kohona, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations also holds his Australian citizenship in addition to his Sri Lankan citizenship.

    It is said that government decision of stopping dual citizenship is not retrospective. That means expatriates who already have the dual citizenship status may not lose that status.

    I think if Sri Lankans awaiting in western country while dearly attached to Sri Lanka, If they can not retain the Sri Lankan citizenship they will content with their foreign citizenship.

    The web address of Department of immigration and emigration of Sri Lanka is :

  2. Shantha says:

    Following is a news item, I read on this regard.

    The government last week discontinued the acceptance of dual Citizenship applications. Also, the processing of the applications which have already been approved and due for payment were discontinued. The Department of Immigration and Emigration which announced the government’s directive on its official website described that the discontinuation was ‘temporary.’
    Yet, that the government’s announcement, which is arbitrary, if not callous, has put on hold the citizenship claims by many expatriate Sri Lankans.
    The latest government directive means that Sri Lankan nationals who obtain citizenship in a foreign country would be deprived of the means to continue with their Sri Lankan citizenship, which hitherto was allowed through the provision of the dual citizenship.
    Under usual circumstances, a Sri Lankan citizen who obtains citizenship of a second country is considered as having renounced his or her Sri Lankan citizenship.
    That’s where the provision of the dual citizenship comes in. Accordingly, an individual could retain his Sri Lankan citizenship when he is acquiring citizenship in a foreign country, or could resume citizenship at a latter stage after losing it when obtaining citizenship in a foreign country.
    Under the previous regulations, an individual was required to pay a fee of Rs.200,000 for the principle applicant and Rs.50,000 each, for the spouse and children under 18 years of age in order to obtain dual citizenship.
    Many expatriate Sri Lankans have used this facility to retain their Sri Lankan citizenship.

  3. Shanya says:

    General Sarath Fonseka holds a green card from USA and His daughters also live in US. I think the motive behind this sudden decision involves yet another political revenge from General.
    Or otherwise government should give a valid reason for this. Many Sri lankans lives overseas and they love their country and Sri lanka gets lot of foreign income through them. My family usually send closer to 500$ to our families in Sri Lanka.
    I think government should withdraw this decision.

  4. Admin says:

    There was a news article today (September 23, 2013) in Lankadeepa online about dual citizenship.

    According to that article, Immigration and Emigration Control General claims that they have finalize the new dual citizenship program and got the approval of cabinet. He says that the delay is in the “Law enforcement department – Neethi ketumpath department” due to a need to change two sentences in the document.

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