Is Aravinda Silva divorced ?

Krishantha . Posted in Sports 2119 2 Comments

I remember Sri lankan cricket hero and the best batsmen Sri lanka cricket produced, Aravinda Silva got married to a beautiful girl. If I remember right she was a model and also featured in Elephant house cream soda advertisement.

Aravinda had a son from this marriage. But I did not hear any news about Aravinda’s family lately.

I am wondering whether he is divorced. Aravinda is one of my favorite cricketer and I would be thankful if one can share these information.

2 thoughts on “Is Aravinda Silva divorced ?”

  1. Yes he divorced his wife few years fter his marriage and it is been more than five years now. he had a son and did not read anything in the news abt the family lately.

  2. rajbanda says:

    Who cares..why people ask such stupid low questions I dont know…

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