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I would be thankful if one of you can post current news about actress Nadeeka Gunasekara and her family.

Nadeeka was one of my favorite sinhala cinema actress and she was regarded as one of educated lady to take part in sinhala cinema.

Lately, I have not seen her appearing in new movies and even in teledrams and TV shows. She was popular as “dan chuty” and unlike most other celebrities she had a clean and clear character record.

I would like to know more about her and her family. If possible please also post a photo of her this talented actress and her family.

Administrator of Lanka Help :

Here is a picture of Nadeeka Gunasekara and her family. Hope our members will post more on her life.

One thought on “Information and photo about Nadeeka Gunasekara”

  1. Samson says:

    Nadeeka is married to Mr. Suren Hapuarachchi who is a businessman. They have a daughter, Thenuki. All are seen in the image above.

    Nadeeka is not enaged in much of acting these days and she has dedicated her time to care for her family.

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