I want to do volunteer work in Sri Lanka during Christmas holidays. How can I do this?

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During my Christmas break, I want to go and volunteer in Sri Lanka, working with women, children or something to do with the law. I get 2 weeks off but am willing to stretch it to 3.
I have googled a few sites but they all provide volunteer packages and most of them are at least 1 month long.
Time is the issue and also, I dont need a package. I have a friend in Colombo with whom I can stay so I wont need accomodation or food.

What can I do?
How do I search?

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One thought on “I want to do volunteer work in Sri Lanka during Christmas holidays. How can I do this?”

  1. phrogster1 says:

    Since there isn’t that much time, your best option would be to have your friend look into opportunities for you.
    Or try searching for NGO’s in Sri Lanka. NGO is Non-governmental Organizations – the term used in many other countries for community service organizations.

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