I need to take my pet to sri lanka ..what are the rules I should follow?

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I need to take my pet ,a puppy ,3 months old to sri lanka..what are the rules i should follow?
My puppy is 3 months old and I want to take her to my country (Sri Lanka) from India.I want to know about the rules and regulations ,and the cost .
thank you
please give an answer soon .I need to travel next month

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  1. A Dude =P says:

    Consult ur travel agent in India or contact the MAS Cargo or various other airline..

  2. Lilly tity says:

    Thanx Brenda …Me too want to take my pet cat to Sri Lanka (My country) & was searching for information.

  3. Here is the information given by Sri Lanka airport services …

    Before bringing any live animal into Sri Lanka, prior authorization must be Obtained from the Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH).
    Information can be obtained from :

    Chief Animal Quarantine Officer,

    41, Morgan Road,

    Colombo 02.

    Sri Lanka.

    Tel/ Fax : +94 11 2448683 or

    Animal Quarantine Officer,



    Sri lanka.

    Tel/ Fax : +94 11 2253430

    Cats and dogs must be accompanied by a veterinarian good health and Rabies certificate issued in country of origin and issued by the veterinary Authorities. A stamp fee of LKR 5- and a Customs fee LKR 250- for each dog must be paid on arrival.

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