I need a recipe for black pork curry.

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I am looking for a recipe for black pork curry. This is a curry I enjoyed so much when I was in Sri Lanka. I have tried several black pork curry recipes but I could not get the authentic flavour. Please someone share the recipe with me.

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  1. Shantha says:

    Oh I can understand your craving. I am not an exception. I love black pork curry despite my blood cholesterol being little high. I know how to cook this and my mum is very well at cooking black pork curry. But I was not sure about the measurements, you know what I mean , right.

    So I got the help from one of my friend who is a Sri Lankan chef working in Dubai. Following is the recipe that he sent to me and I actually tried it by my self. Hope to send the images soon to add in lanka help Magazine, yeh I got them already. For the time being following is the recipe and you can also send your pictures of black pork curry.

    So Following is a recipe for black pork curry.

    Pork 01kg
    Onion slices 250g
    garlic chop 20g
    ginger 10g
    curry leaves
    cardamon – few
    cloves – few
    chille powder 25g
    curry powder 25g
    cummer powder 20g
    corender powder 20g
    salt peppar 20g

    cut pork for the curry and wash well. onion, garlic, cloves, genger, cardomon, curry leves and salt, pepper mix with the pork and keep on the side
    make a rost rest of things until brown color and mix with the pork cook minemum 20min.
    keep in the mind dont put the water.

    So hope this will help. Looking forward to hear your experience with this black pork curry.

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