I can not stay in public places, why ?

fawas . Posted in Health 1019 2 Comments

I can`t stay in a public place, why? please answer 2 me …………

2 thoughts on “I can not stay in public places, why ?”

  1. From the short description that you have given I suspect that you have social phobia. Social phobia is an anxiety disorder and it has treatments. I strongly recommend you to talk to your family physician and get advice. He might refer you to a consultant Psychiatrists.

  2. Fawas, similar psychiatric illnesses are very common. But due to the social stigma we are reluctant to get the help from a doctor. It should not be the case as mental diseases are also like other disease. It is not our chosen illness and we do not have a control over what kind of disease we get. One may get Diabetes and one may have anxiety.

    Most of the mental illness have treatment in western medicine. They have pills and also there are speech therapy which include many treatment methods like family therapy, group therapy, behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy.

    I hope you will make the decision soon to visit a family physician/general practioner or directly channel a psychiatrist.

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