How wet is the wet season in Sri Lanka?

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We have just booked our honeymoon to Sri Lanka, we fly out on May 5th 09. I have just found out that May is the start of the wet season (GUTTED!). Does anybody know how much it rains in the “wet season”? Will it just be a few downpours while we are out there or will it be almost constant rain?

3 thoughts on “How wet is the wet season in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Llado says:

    “Wet Season” in SE Asia= no less than 5 feet of rain a week

    Be prepared to spend your honeymoon indoors.

  2. zog says:

    it will rain a lot but it will still be really hot. you will have a gr8 time x

  3. steve c says:

    with the date being right at the start of the rainy season you might just get lucky,
    we were in goa at this time last year and it only rained hard at night and a few showers during the day.
    when it does rain then it RAINS, but it,s like a warm shower and not freezing like european rain, and when the sun comes out it is really hot so a good tan is inevitable.
    go for it and enjoy it

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