how to get G.C.E. A/L past exam papers and answers

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how to get G.C.E. A/L past exam papers and answers

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  1. Krishantha says:

    When I did my A/L in 1996, I was able to buy them from Department of Examination in baththaramulla. They have photo copies of past papers and i think they gave the marking schemes as well.
    I checked the department of examination web site today and found few O/L papers to be downloaded free. I suppose they may be having A/L papers also. You can contact the education department and ask. if you find any new information please come back and add here. So that others also may get a benefit.

  2. Chandana says:

    please give me past papers Al – political science

  3. Krishantha kumara says:

    give me a a/l econ past paper.2008-2013

  4. Ann says:

    plz give me al ict past papers in sinhala medium

  5. cMM says:

    PLZ… give me bio,chem,physics past papers (1997-2013)

    1. Pradeep says:


    2. Pradeep says:

      Thanks to support our education

  6. Kumudu Hatiyaldeniya says:

    Please give me O/L Tamil(second lang.) past papers 2000 to 2013.

    Thanking you,


  7. Kumudu Hatiyaldeniya says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please send me O/L past papers Tamil ( second langu.) in 2000 to 2013 with answers.

    Thanking you,


  8. Kumudu Hatiyaldeniya says:

    plz. send me tamil lang.( second lang.) pasr papers in 2000 to 2013 with anwsers.

  9. Kumudu Hatiyaldeniya says:

    plz send me tamil O/l ( second lang.) 2000 to 2013 past papers with answers.

  10. geethika maduwanthi says:

    give me a/l past papers & answers in general english

  11. Henry says:

    Plz send the general english past papers and answers from 2010 to 2013

  12. Laganya Gunarathna says:

    Please give me the a/l past papers of French 2008-2013

  13. dany says:

    how to download marking schemes or answers of past papers before 2005

  14. nuska says:

    plzzz gv me A/L ICT and Islamic civilization past papers and also marking scheme in english medium .plzzzzzzz plzzzz

  15. Madura says:

    Is there a way to do A/L past papers online?
    Is there a site with answers?

  16. sadeesh says:

    PLZ… give me bio,chem,physics past papers (1997-2014)

  17. shazi says:

    please give me A/L G.C.E political science pastpapers in english medium.plzzz plzzz

  18. shazi says:

    please send me G.C.E A/L political science past papers in english medium.plzzzz

  19. suthan says:

    pls give me O.L sinhala(2nd language [62]) MARKING SCHEME.

    any one scheme.

  20. A.m.m.Niham says:

    Plz send Common test Past papers 2010-2013

  21. Preeth says:

    please give me o/l maths paper 2000 plz
    thank u

  22. THH says:

    Give us model papers by online.We are the new generation students.Past papers are hidden by the bad rural.

  23. THH says:

    Shut up are you a brighter such as me

  24. Kavind ravisanka says:

    Plz can u give me G.C.E A/L past papers from 2000-2006..If you can with the answers…no problem..

  25. rameshi says:

    2002 a/l agriculture m.c.q, structure @essay paper @ answer

  26. ajmal says:

    i want accounting 2000 to 2007 past papers and also econ and business past papers

  27. sachethana says:

    please give me past paper of agriculture technology thank you

  28. uthpala says:

    can you please give me the a/l 2014 physics past paper in sinhala medium

  29. uthpala says:

    can you please give me the a/l 2014 physics past paper answers
    in sinhala medium

  30. meegoda pannarathana says:

    Mata sinhala , history , ict a/l sinhala madya adarsha prashna pathra mail karanna puluvanda

  31. nadeesha says:

    please give me past paper of geography 2011-2014

  32. nadeesha says:

    please give me past papers of geography 2011-2014

  33. dula says:

    i need past papers of biology sinhala medium…….since 2011-2014 with answer

  34. mal says:

    please give me A/L past papers for biology English medium

  35. Ilmi Madushini says:

    Please send me A/L 2014 Physics past paper in english

  36. Ilmi Madushini says:

    please send me A/L 2014 physics past paper

  37. anne.kaushi says:

    I want o/l English medium mathematics past paper 2014. plz give it.

  38. jareshna says:

    Please send me a 2014 a/l accounting past paper and answer sheet

  39. Dhilu says:

    Dear sir/madam please send me 2014 combin
    ed maths pure applied answers on/ before wednesday if its marking schceme its so great

  40. Ajantha says:

    Please send me GCE A/L 2014 Past papers & Marching scheme of Biology & Chemistry

  41. Ajantha says:

    Please send me GCE A/L 2014 Past papers &; Marching scheme of Biology &

  42. tharsini says:

    i want AlL civil technology past paper in 2011-2014

  43. naveen says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    kindly send me 2014 political science past paper & answers


  44. kim says:

    i want 2014 a/l french paper

  45. renuka says:

    please, send me A/l English passed papers & answers

  46. chamodi jayanka says:

    plz give me business studies past papers in sinhala medium

  47. dilhara says:

    can u plz send me communication & media studies 2014 A/L paper’s marking scheme…

  48. madhu Rajapakshe says:

    Please give me a a/l genaral English past paper

  49. mathew adams says:

    Please give advanced level economics past papers in 2000 – 2003

  50. N.Pathmaseelan says:

    dear sir / madam…..
    can you send me 2015 political science tamil medium MCQ answers plz…..



  52. C DE ALWIS says:

    Pls send me A/L past papers and answers of Economics

  53. Abdul Nasar says:

    Please send me GIT 2014 Answer Script.

  54. Sandali says:

    plz send me A/L GIT past papers & answers . hurry up plz………

  55. maleesha says:

    I’m much obliged if you kindly e mail me all the past papers of japanese language,,it will be a great favor to my studies,please send me some papers with answers,
    Thank you!

  56. Ayyash Kalid says:

    send me A/L combined maths pastpapper

  57. t.m.a.k.thennakoon says:

    plz give me a/l geography english medium pass papers

  58. malith sehasna says:

    Pls I want 2014/2014 a/l Home science past papers

  59. sandali schokman says:

    plz send me the 2006 o/l western music past papers

  60. ramzy says:

    Please send me a/l chemistry past papers since 1990 with answers?.


    please send me a/l drama past paper in 2015 in sri lanka

  62. dilsha says:

    plz give me geography sinhala medium past papers and anwers..

  63. dilsha says:

    plzz give me geography pastpapers and answers

  64. Piyumi hewawasam says:

    Plz give me 1990 accounting past paper & answers

  65. Dheyogini says:

    Pls give me 1995-2005 physics A/L marking schemes in English medium

  66. Draupadee Alahakoon says:

    It would be great if i could have a/l french past papers and marking schemes.
    Cuz it’s too hard to find those papers these days. specially the marking schemes

  67. Kavitha says:

    I want 2015 a/l maths answers

  68. Sadee eshadi says:

    Plz give me 2015 a/l agriculture paper with answer

  69. Sadee eshadi says:

    Plz send me 2015 a/l agriculture paper with answer

  70. Tharanga says:

    please send me A/L history Sinhala medium past papers with Answer

  71. Gopy Ragunath says:

    Can you please give me 2014 and 2015 G.C.E A/L past papers of Tamil, Hindu Civilization and Geography in tamil medium…..

  72. anurada says:

    Mata 2013 answers tika one commerce a/l subject 3 nema

  73. Chathurangi says:

    Please send me G.C.E. A/L COMBINED MATHS 2015 1st paper

  74. Shobi says:

    Please give commerce stream past papers in tamil.

  75. Deeniya says:

    please send me,2000-2015 G.C.E A/L french and English literature past papers and marking schemes,,Thank YOu

  76. malshi says:

    i want answers of a/l ict past papers from 2011-2015

  77. ahmas shathir says:

    need thondamaanaru,visaka&royal termpapers and anyother model papers

  78. Shenal De Silva says:

    Please send me English medium 2015 GIT A/L Paper and the marking scheme.

  79. please give me economic past paper in Sinhala medium 2014/ 2015

  80. please give me economic past paper in Sinhala medium 2014/2015

  81. anji says:

    Plz give me a 2016 A/L bio & agri mcp answers..

  82. Chamindu samarasinghe says:

    Plz send me 1999 a/l accounting paper&answers

  83. kasuni says:

    please send me 2013, 2015 a/l general english past papers .

  84. Shenika says:

    I need the GCE a/l general English 2015 answers immediately

  85. Anjana says:

    Give me 2016 business studies paper and answers

  86. SHS says:


  87. please give 2016 econ and bs papers and answers

  88. please give 2016 bs and econ papers and anwers

  89. Saara says:

    Can you please send me agricultural science English medium past papers nd the marking scheme??

  90. shashini sanjula says:

    Combined maths applied 2016 pass paper eka dennako

  91. Buddhini weerasinghe says:

    Can you please send me economics English medium past papers and the marking scheme??

  92. Arham says:

    Cn u plz gv me a/l p6 answrs from 1993 onwards

  93. dinithi lakna says:

    Pls anyone give me a/l biology past papers and answer schemes or tell me how to find them.I mean the answer schemes

  94. Chinthaka says:

    Plz give me 1990-2003A/L Accounting past papers & Answers (sinhala medium)
    Thank you!

  95. Hiruni malshika says:


  96. sajani says:

    i want answers for english medium political science from 2011-2016, as well as geography engish medium answers from 2011-2016.i want as soon as possible.plz

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