How safe is Sri Lanka as a holiday destination?

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My boyfriend and I have booked a package holiday to Beruwala in Sri Lanka but now our friends are telling us about the amount of terrorist attacks in the country of late. What’s the risk to foreigners?

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2 thoughts on “How safe is Sri Lanka as a holiday destination?”

  1. Ginny Jin says:

    There is always an element of risk when you travel abroad. When I went to Egypt there where a few attacks but we still went ahead and had a great time. Check out the FCO advice for what it is worth. I’ve also been to Sri Lanka and also had a great time. You really shouldn’t have a problem. Most of the troubles abroad are down to infighting and are not directed towards tourists, however there are rare occasions when they are caught up. That is the risk you take.

  2. soya says:

    Beruwala’s a really awesome place. It’s true that there are a lot of terrorist attacks in the country, but so far, hotels seem safe enough, especially in that part of Sri Lanka…

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