How safe is it to work in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

Pravin T . Posted in News & Events 1489 4 Comments

I am offered a job in Colombo in one of the Hospitals there in what is being told as the safest area.

4 thoughts on “How safe is it to work in Colombo, Sri Lanka?”

  1. Feature says:

    Colombo 7.

  2. Caitlin C says:

    very safe

  3. Capri says:

    Its a very good Hospital no need to mention name i know which one…………….
    its Safe area to live,went there couple of times
    best of luck

  4. Kay says:

    I live and work in Colombo. It’s quite safe to work in Colombo at the moment, with a lot of security checking going on round the clock. Expats are generally treated quite well by the armed forces as well.

    The way I see, it’s still quite safe, and i don’t foresee any drastic change in the situation in the near future. Hope this helps 😀

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