How much to bring to Sri Lanka for a 2 week trip?

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I am heading to Sri lanka for 2 weeks; any advice as to how expensive it is there?


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4 thoughts on “How much to bring to Sri Lanka for a 2 week trip?”

  1. Tl T says:

    Bus tickets cost around 3p to 10p (British) and thinks are cheap. I advice you to bring around £600 but you will only spend a fraction of that.
    You’ll probably spend around 60 to 150 going alone. I went as a family.

  2. Sarah T says:

    Depending how many people are going i think for spending money you should take about £100 spending money per person

  3. smanage says:

    1 USD = SL Rs 115
    1 British Pound = SL Rs 160
    1 Euro = SL Rs 150

    Public Transport:
    Busses and trains are comparatively cheap. Minimum bus fare is about Rs 6 (1-2km). Longer it goes, cheaper it gets. Rs100-150 = 100kms

    Car hire: Rs 20,000 -30,000 a month. Can hire with a driver at a sightly higher cost.

    Local meal (rice + a few curries) cost around Rs 100 from an ok shop. Rs 200-500 at a trendy restaurant.

    3 Start hotel room costs around Rs 2000 a day, but really depends on the location.

  4. juliangrebe says:

    about 2000 pounds should do depends if your planning on staying at a expensive restaurant transportation is cheap and food is almost free if you convert the price. people selling stuff on sites sell stuff at higher prices because they know foreigners are spenders.

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