How long is a school day in Sri Lanka?

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How long is a school day in Sri Lanka? Also if you could explain how lunch works and if there are different periods and such it would be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “How long is a school day in Sri Lanka?”

  1. bartzbrau says:

    A school day is 24 hours long, just like any other day.

    Now, if you want specific school and lunch hours, I’d suggest contacting that particular school.

  2. isuru says:

    School day means, students must be at school before 7.30A.M and school starts at 7.30A.M. and ends at 1.30P.M. Students not get a lunch time, but they get break-fast. Most schools at 10.30A.M and it is 30 minutes. Most schools work like that, but there are some exceptions too.

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