How do I find money donors for cardiac surgery in Sri Lanka?

Samson . Posted in Art & Humanities 1993 2 Comments

Please help. One of my friends fathers needs to do an immediate cardiac surgery. They are not that rich and it costs 5.1lakhs. We tried the Presidents fund but the procedure takes too long. Does anyone have any idea how to raise this amount of money in Sri Lanka and to do it fast? Are there any organizations that donate money?
Please Help!

2 thoughts on “How do I find money donors for cardiac surgery in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Samson says:

    You can get some donations from Presidents funds. As I understand there is a waiting list or this.
    Other than this you can post an advertisement in papers. I can give you a chance to post an advertisement in this site as a post too requesting donations.

    I am not sure about any organization donating money. But I have seen international medical teams coming and doing pediatric(children) heart surgery. In government hospitals heart surgeries are done but the problem is they have a long waiting list.

    Hope this will help and good luck for you.

  2. chathura says:

    You can get some donations from National Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities. Tel:2877128

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