How can I watch Satharalankaraya and Wisekaralankaraya ?

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I like Nimantha Heshan, the musician who is in the Sirasa Super Star Generation 4 judge board very much. I came to know that Nimantha Heshan performed in the Wisekaralankaraya program. I was searching in the you tube to get videos of this Satharalankaraya program. But I was unable to find. Does anyone know a site where I can see these videos?
I would be glad if you guys can provide more information about Nimantha Heshan.

2 thoughts on “How can I watch Satharalankaraya and Wisekaralankaraya ?”

  1. Samson says:

    yes Nimantha Heshan Gamage performed in Wiselankaraya program. here is a link to watch all the Satharalankaraya programs including Wisekaralankaraya program. Saman Lenin’s Rhythm of culture band was also awesome.

  2. Admin says:

    You can read more about Nimantha Heshan Gamage and listen to his songs here at Lanka Help Magazine.

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