How can I rent a car in Sri Lanka without a mileage limit?

Adam V . Posted in Cars & Transportation 1032 2 Comments

Everywhere I look to rent a car in Colombo or from the colombo airport has a really low mileage limit on how many km I can drive per day or per week — does anyone know how I can rent a car without this?

2 thoughts on “How can I rent a car in Sri Lanka without a mileage limit?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Good luck finding one, all are mostly 100km per day, its like everywhere else in the world car rental companies all seem to stick together on certain policies. But remember that if you rent for a whole week thats 700km for the week, so you may use 50km one day and 150km the next, it may equal out. Best thing to do is figure out all the driving you plan to do for the whole duration and see how it shakes out. There may even be days you don’t plan to drive at all.

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