How can I file a divorce case in Sri Lanka?

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I need your advise on how to file a divorce case in Sri Lanka. Please help.

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  1. Samson says:

    You have to talk to a lawyer first in this regard. Civil lawyers handle these cases.
    There are other solutions for bad marriages. One is getting some marriage counseling. You both can visit a psychologist like Priyanjali de Soyza and get help.

    1. Lakshana says:

      I got register married in 2013 for my family and to continue my studies. We both did get along though I was not fully satisfied with the relationship. during arguments i have mentioned to my husband that i dont want to get married. However now my our families are planning to arrange the marraige ceremony next year and I don’t want to. I dint think he is the right person for me

  2. shimon says:

    i got registered with my girl in 2011 but we didn’t live together may i know how shall i get the divorce from her she likes to get divorce

  3. Luxman says:

    how can I defend a maintenance case when I am leaving with my wife

  4. Nur says:

    I got married in Sri Lanka 2011 for some reason we not living together we been meet for sometime, now I want give up my marriage he Sinhala and I’m Indonesian pls help thanks

  5. Florina says:

    I am an Indian and married to a Sri Lankan for the past 12 years. My husband has betrayed me with an adulteress act. I have 3 sons and I am wanting to divorce him. Can u please tell me the procedure for a divorce and the pros and cons. Thanks in advance

  6. Yohan says:


  7. Djever says:

    I am a foreigner from Uzbekistan, my husband srilankan we married 5 years, he betrayed me and cheat with other, we have a child, could you please tell me advice for the procedure for a divorce, and my right according woman position in this country

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