How can I buy Himasha Manupriya’s new CD?

Brenda_Maddumage_facebook . Posted in Entertainment & Music 1068 1 Comment

I heard that Derana little satar Himasha Manupriya has released his nes CD ” Sanda Dilenne”. I am looking forward to buy Himasha’s new CD. Does anyone know how I can buy this?
I also would like to watch Himasha’s new songs. If they are found in public domain please let me know. As you can understand I am a great fan of this little star.

One thought on “How can I buy Himasha Manupriya’s new CD?”

  1. Admin says:

    Hi brenda, You can buy Himasha’s CD through Derana TV web site. it is priced at 1.50$ (Rs. 173). When I checked there were CDs in Stock. Here is the link.

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