Help me to find out a psychotherapist …

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Please tell me about the experienced psychotherapist, because I have suffered from bipolar disorder and some kind of anxiety….. through the internet I knew some of the reasons for that mental illnesses,,,, I met two Psychiatrists. Dr Harischandra ghambeer and Dr. DVJ Harischandra…
though I cured that mental illnesses,,,, but not the reasons for that mental illnesses…

I think I may suffer from any kind of personality disorder……….don’t know exactly

3 thoughts on “Help me to find out a psychotherapist …”

  1. Admin says:

    I would recommend Dr. Priyanjali De Soyza who is a good clinical psychotherapist and also a lecturer at Colombo Medical faculty.

  2. niroshan says:

    Help me to find out a psychotherapist

    1. A well wisher says:

      Try Dr. Shanez Fernando at Lanka Hospitals. Dr. Piyanjali de Soyza (recommended by admin) is also good.

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