Has Madhu Madawa Aravinda come to politics ?

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I just heard that Madu Madhawa Aravinda is contesting for the local election in 2011. It was also revealed during the Sirasa Super Star final (fellow judges wished him for his new role as a politician).

I would like to know,
1. Which provincial council does Madu Madhawa contest for ?
2. Which political party does Madu Madhawa represent ?

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Has Madhu Madawa Aravinda come to politics ?”

  1. Samson says:

    Yes it is confirmed that Madu Madhawa Aravinda is contesting for this election. He was said to contest Colombo Municipal Council election. He is contesting from UPFA.

    But I did not see him in the photo with president which was recently published in news papers.

  2. Chaan says:

    I also heard, but I don’t know which party he is contesting for. Anyway, one thing I can say for sure that if he got elected, he is going to be another corrupted thief(Politician). He has proven that already by stealing Rookantha’s songs and singing like his own songs. This man is very disgraceful man, because when Rookantha was making his non-stop songs album (Roo Haduu Gee), he asked from this b*stard that can he use the songs which Rookantha made for this man. This BOLD man replied straight “No, You Cannot use them, because they are now my songs”. Finally Rookantha forgot about those songs and this man and went forward with his other songs which made for himself and other singers. This is that kind of man, and also he proved what kind of human being he is with Nilmini Thennakoon. After all. I will never vote for this Milk Potato even though he contest from my favourite party. If I vote, I will help to create another corrupted bugger…..

  3. Krishantha says:

    Madu Madhawa is contesting for Colombo Municipal Council election and his number is 7.

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