Hair Loss Treatment Clinics in Sri Lanka?

Ranjan Silva . Posted in Health 12540 6 Comments

Hi, i am currently living in the UK and plan to visit Sri Lanka in the coming weeks for an extended period of time. I currently am experiencing a bit of hair loss.

It seems to be male pattern baldness but cannot be sure. I hear that there are good hair clinics in Sri Lanka.

Does anybody know any details? I would like to size up my options first before making any commitments.


6 thoughts on “Hair Loss Treatment Clinics in Sri Lanka?”

  1. There are many Aurwedic and traditional doctors who claim to treat hair loss in Sri Lanka. One of my friend has been to one of these place for gray hair. he did not get any improvement though.

    If you check Sri lankan new papers, you might find few similar advertisements. Also there is a hair transplant clinic in Sri Lanka (Western Medicine). I remember once that question was asked in this web site and some one published the contact information.

    I also heard about Dr. Vipula who does the hair transplant in Sri Lanka. he sees patients in Kurunagala Hospital.

  2. Krishantha says:

    If you have male type hair loss , there are treatment. One of my brother had hair falls and he as almost becoming bald headed. One of my known doctor (MBBS) prescribe a medication to be applied and he got new hair growth.
    Send me an email for more information. my e-mail :
    Thanks !

    1. irasha says:

      I need that doctor’s information. please email me those information. It will be a great help for me. thank you….

  3. Sakunthala says:

    Hi- i visited a place called Trendz. i think their webiste is trendzhaircare dot com
    they are pretty professional. i found out why i was losing hair and they had given me a few options for me to try out. i am using two treatments right now. one is to protect and improve my hair naturally and the other solution is to give me an instant result. meet Prabath there! he is pretty good!

  4. Harith Soysa says:

    so i was considering hair transplants and minoxidil to solve my hair loss condition. i figured out it was the water in the US that causes rapidly more hair fall than back home. due to my lifestyle and ill discipline i lost more hair and have been reading some awful reviews of transplants in Colombo (whether they are true or otherwise). but i eventually decided to use a hair replacement system. and all i have to saw is WOW. i dont think i could have got a better look even when i had my own head full of hair.
    go see Prabath at Trendz. he is the expert. they have a bunch of treatment besides hair systems and transplants too. very professional premises and procedure. some clinics i have been to have curtains separating areas. YUCK!

  5. patil says:

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