Hair implants in Sri Lanka?

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One of my friend’s daughter is having severe boldness due to Alopecia. I know in some countries they do hair transplantation surgery. Is there any hospital or doctor in Sri Lanka who do the hair transplantation/implantation/hair restorations?

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  1. Krishantha says:

    Feel really sorry about your friends condition.
    (part of the comments was removed due to a complaint we received)

  2. mohan says:

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  3. JBarnes says:

    Sri Lanka’s leading clinic for FUE hair transplants is run by Dr Jayasinghe in Battaramulla. They pioneered FUE hair transplants in Sri Lanka.

    They specialise in FUE which is painless and guarantees results. The hair restoration there is world class and they have many satisfied local and international clients.

    Their website is or simply do a google search for hair transplants in sri lanka to find them top of page one.

    1. Abin says:

      Dear please post unnecessary comments. Jayasinghe is not a succesful doctor. i had bad experience with him. i spend around 150000/- but he allowed his assistant to do the transplant, they practiced with my head. finally i lost my money and hair. he do not directly involved in transplant and d not issue any prescribtion in his name…totallly forgery studio…please dont go to that studio

  4. Dr Jayasinghe FUE hair clinic says:

    In our clinic we have performed FUE hair transplants every day for the past 5 years. Anyone can visit and observe a hair transplant procedure. We have many thousands of satisfied clients.
    All our clients know my number (0094) 715270381 works 9am to 9pm daily. Anyone can contact me at any time or visit the clinic to discuss any matter regarding hair transplants. We do not advertise extensively as most referrals are from clients with excellent results recommending us to their friends who have hair loss.

    We are the lowest cost provider of hair transplants. We perform FUE from Rs 50,000. We do not charge large amounts because we know that even Rs 50,000 is a lot of money for most people in this country. We are aware that we are a big threat to other hair transplant companies. We also know that they use the internet to spread lies about us. If our success is a problem for other hair transplant clinics who charge many lakhs of rupees for re planting hair so be it. Everyone knows we are number one in Sri Lanka for hair transplants.

    So in summary Abin or who ever you are, do not pretend to be one of our clients and spread lies about us here. If you were a real client why is it you have not given your real name or contact details. And why have you not come to see me to complain? It is because you are a complete fraud from one of our rivals afraid of competition from us as we are the lowest cost and best in the hair industry here.

    1. roy says:

      I need the treatment

  5. nalaka says:

    Hi doctr my name is nalaka. i have done transplants from you 2 times. you remember me? i was one of frist customers. i have got no results. it has been more than 4 years. my mobile 0776825421. i done prp and minoxidil now 1 year and finaly goriwng hair.

  6. venkat says:

    Dr Sudarshana in Malabe is a quack doing hair transplants and cosmetic procedures in Sri Lanka. Please be careful.

  7. Velu says:

    Beware of the It is in Malabe and they do hair transplants. It is run by G.M.N. Sudharshana and the hair transplants scar your head and the hair does not grow well either. I know because he charged me Rs 300,000 and used pubic and beard hair for my hairtransplant. Results are bad and hair smells. Better to go overseas for hair transplants.

    This is from the Sunday times about the doctor.

    Scarred women seek recognised surgeons after botched-up operations by quacks

    By Kumudini Hettiarachchi
    -Treatment at huge cost in cramped rooms; no receipts for payments made -Police investigation and SLMC probe underway

    Several women who suffered severe injury and have been scarred and marred after ‘treatment’ from a so-called ‘Age Reversing Clinic’ in Malabe have now sought help from qualified plastic surgeons.

    While plastic surgeons in one voice lashed out at these “unsafe and unsterile” clinics where cosmetic surgery is being doled out in tiny rooms in private homes, health sources also sought urgent measures to establish a Specialist Register. Currently, the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) has only a Specialist List.

    When the Sunday Times met one of the women who had undergone breast adjustments at the hands of Dr. G.M.N. Sudharshana at the Malabe clinic, she was in severe pain and unable to move without grimacing, even two weeks later.

    “Jumbled surgery,” is how Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dulip Perera described it, stressing that when unqualified doctors attempt to do things beyond their capability the consequences turn out to be disastrous.

    It was also not a case in isolation, many plastic surgeons told the Sunday Times, having salvaged and treated other cases allegedly botched up by the same doctor.

    “These patients have suffered serious disfiguration,” said Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thushan Beneragma, pointing out that among the victims were those who had undergone ‘breast-lifts’ and ‘neck-lifts’ by this particular doctor.

    All plastic surgeons are adamant that there is nothing called “dermal surgery” which Dr. Sudharshana claims he is practising when repeatedly asked by the Sunday Times whether it is not constructive surgery which clearly falls under the mandate of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

    Dr. Sudharshana told the Sunday Times that he passed out from the Colombo Medical Faculty in 1992 and was an intern at the National Hospital. Thereafter, he worked at the Matara, Nuwara Eliya and Karapitiya Hospitals and finally the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children from where he resigned and got into full-time private practice. (See box)

    Asked whether he was specialised in any field of medicine, particularly plastic surgery, he said he was not but he received a three-month training in ‘dermal surgery’ at the Nakamura Hospital in Oita, Japan.

    “I don’t do any open surgery. I don’t use general anaesthesia, only local anaesthesia,” said Dr. Sudharshana, claiming that if there was a problem after the procedure, it would be due to neglect by the patients themselves who would not have followed his orders.

    According to him he has done about 100 face-lifts, breast-lifts, tummy reductions and arm reductions as well as about 200 hair transplants. He invited the Sunday Times to visit his clinic and see on his tab all the procedures he has done.

    These are all open surgeries, insisted a cross-section of plastic surgeons.

    When asked whether he conducts tests before such procedures, he says the patient is asked whether there is any illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes and also allergies. Before and after the procedure, the patient’s pressure is taken and also a random blood sugar test after a finger-prick.

    The procedures are performed in a room in his house and he does not have permanent nursing staff but has three nurses he calls on rotation when a procedure is fixed, it is learnt.

    The 40-year-old woman whose breast procedure ended in disaster told the Sunday Times that she called Dr. Sudharshana’s mobile on seeing the heavy advertising. An appointment was given for 10 a.m. on October 18. When she arrived she found that the clinic was a tiny room in a posh upstair home.

    Having paid Rs. 1,000 as the registration fee, she filled a form which sought details of name, address, phone number as well as past and present medical conditions and whether she suffered from any allergies, said the woman who for obvious reasons declined to be named.

    No medical tests were ordered or even the pressure checked that day. When she told the doctor that she would like to rid herself of her flabby stomach, he examined her and went into a lengthy explanation why the immediate need was to lift up her sagging bosom.

    Not only this victim but several others also told the Sunday Times that the tiny consultation room held the doctor’s table, a chair for the client and a black bed-like contraption with a mirror on the wall.

    A 19-year-old said that the operating room was also like a “hunduwa”. The doctor is a glib talker and very persuasive. No receipts were issued for the huge sum she paid to him for a breast-reduction.

    “Amu, amuve kapanawa,” she alleged, adding that soon after her procedure she was very ill and even turned yellow, with severe bouts of vomiting. Three months later there are still tiny wounds.

    When the 40-year-old woman agreed to the breast procedure, after having been shown on the doctor’s tab numerous such “non-invasive interventions” that he had performed, she had been told to come the very next day (October 19).

    Other victims said that the doctor indicated that he had performed numerous procedures on “nalu niliyo” (actors and actresses), high-level politicians, wives of top brass in the armed forces and consultant doctors.

    The photos of a second-in-command of a political party are shown on the tab, before and after he has had a facial procedure, while the bald heads, whom Dr. Sudharshana claims, are consultant doctors with hair transplantations being done are also shown off.

    The rates are mouthed without hesitation. A tummy-tuck would cost Rs. 150,000, a breast procedure Rs. 200,000 and a face-lift Rs. 250,000, with a promise that for the latter there would only be a small line which would be behind the ear.

    The breast procedure on the 40-year-old woman was performed on October 19 and she was bandaged up and sent home with a prescription for an antibiotic for 10 days after which she would have to come back for a check-up. She paid Rs. 50,000 upfront with instructions that she should deposit the balance 100,000 in a bank account.

    Ten days, she waited in agony and when she went back to the doctor on October 29, the doctor was non-committal. It was then, in much pain that she decided to seek treatment elsewhere, she said.

    The doctor, meanwhile, says that she did not follow-up the treatment because she did not want to pay up the balance Rs. 100,000.
    A police investigation and an SLMC inquiry are underway on complaints made by patients, it is learnt.

    The enticing age reversing ad
    When anyone calls the two mobile phone numbers in the advertisement of the ‘Age Reversing Clinic’, it is Dr. Sudharshana who answers and gives an appointment to see him.

    The advertisement claims: “First time in Sri Lanka. Do you want to be 20-30 yrs permanently younger in few hours? Why do you waste your money for temporary procedures? No risks, No complications and guaranteed. Done by professional experienced doctor. Extending life span in humans through reversing age.

    “Here is the permanent solution. Permanent correction of Sagging face (Face lifting), Chin (Double Chin), Arms, Breast, Abdomen, Waist, Thighs and Removal of excessive fat in the body. Always check the SLMC Registration of Your Doctor.”

    Doc’s registration untraceable on PHSRC website

    The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) website indicates that the registration number of Dr. Sudharshana given to clients is that of Mahavidanalage Nalaka Sudarshana Gunaratne of 1084/1/N, 5th Lane, K.A. Perera Mawatha, Hokandara North.

    This doctor is not on the Specialist List, SLMC sources told the Sunday Times.

    A thorough check of the website of the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) of the Health Ministry to verify whether Dr. Sudharshana’s clinic is registered, as mandatorily required, turned out to be negative.

    When asked, Dr. Sudharshana said that it is registered as the ‘Poorna Medical Centre’ (Reg. No. w.d 12040) under the name of his wife. She is not a doctor.

    The Sunday Times, however, could not locate the registration on the PHSRC website. The search came up with ‘no result’.

    Lack of Specialist Register provides loophole

    The lack of a Specialist Register is a serious concern among doctors who have qualified as specialists.

    This has provided a loophole for those unqualified and unskilled in any specialty to take up such fields as cosmetic surgery with impunity, pointed out a senior consultant.

    Another explained that with the basic medical degree of – Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery, such non-specialists were indulging in cutting up people and causing much harm. Lack of Specialist Register provides loophole.

  8. Niluka Jaya says:

    In my view the best hair transplants in Sri Lanka is in Parakum mawatha, Batharamulla. A few of my friends did it there and good results too. Cost is affordable and team do good reliable work. Got my baldness treated for Rs 50,000 and my hair looks nice now.

    Everyone knows people in Sri Lanka are good at throwing mud but poor at praising good work. SO if you want to grow hair visit all the clinics and find the one that best suits you. Good luck.

  9. Munidasa says:

    Dr Upendra De Silva at the skin clinic in Bambalapitiya now claims to do hair transplants. This is not successful for sure. Just look even he wears a wig. Why does Upendra wear a wig if he can do good hair transplants. lol. He does not trust his clinics work. Next time if you go his clinic check his wig on head. It is a good wig. He is bald as a cricket ball otherwise. lol.

  10. Damien says:

    Warning. DHI hair transplants are not success. I have had it and only few hair grew. Cost Rs 350,000. Monet wasted. Some few hair grew but after some time all the hair fell out. When I called to complain they hang up and avoid. Even Suraj who done there has now suffered more hair fall. Check his photos on th internet. Dont waste money. Better be bald.

  11. Mister Anonymous says:

    Hello, I went to Dr. Jayasinghe’s clinic in Battaramulla about 5 years ago for male pattern baldness. I spent Rs.140K for FUE hair transplants. He also suggested I could take Finasteride 1 mg daily (or 1/4 of a 5 mg tablet) to reduce hair loss, and warned me about possible side effects.

    Five years later, I can say that between the transplants and the drug, I am satisfied with the result. I haven’t experienced any side effects related to the drug. But if you want to try this drug, ask your doctor first.

    It would have been nice if the transplants were a little cheaper, but I can’t complain since he seems to be running a clinic that maintains a certain standard. It’s true that the assistants performed the procedure, but Dr. J constantly monitored them in addition to personally administering the anaesthetic.

    Before I opted for transplants, I also contacted a dermatologist (Doctor’s name removed) on Facebook. He suggested I try a drug before going for surgery. Perhaps I could have followed his advice and taken Finasteride for a while longer, because it seems to have been effective.

    I don’t know the other clinics mentioned on this page, or whether they’re successful or not. The only other place I visited was a multi-disciplinary clinic in Colombo that was also advertising hair transplants. They offered cheaper prices but seemed less organized, and the hair surgeon was often out of the country. I saw a staff member who appeared to have had transplants, but the cosmetic effect didn’t seem to be particularly good. Overall, I felt Dr. Jayasinghe’s clinic would be the better option, and I don’t regret having paid that price because the result is quite satisfactory.

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