G.C.E. A/L past exam papers and answers

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how to get G.C.E. A/L past exam papers and answers.

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  1. Admin says:

    Hi there. This question had been asked before and one of our users had answered it.
    you can see it here. http://lankahelp.com/?p=902

    We have also made a request to get more information for this from the relevant bodies and once we get a reply we will publish it here.

    Thank you for using Lanka Help. You can join our facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/pages/lankahelpcom/123863484340715?ref=ts and please share our site with your friends as success of this site depend on users active contribution.

    Good Luck!

  2. nuwan says:

    if they are not sold in shops you better ask a student who did AL recently..
    They may have papers with them..

    Studentlanka.com has some papers…
    Some books can be found in bookshops.

  3. what is roches mountronees?

  4. lalitha hapugaspitiya says:

    Need to download A/L General English Past papers

  5. sithu says:

    Hi, Please Sent Me A/L General English Exam Past Paper

    1. kosala says:

      Please Sent Me A/L General English Exam Past Paper

  6. Hi, Send Me A/L GIT Exam Past Papers.

  7. hasini says:

    hi send me a 2014 agri
    past paper

  8. w.k.harini nihara says:

    i want a/l physics past papers since 1990 .please send me it .

  9. Gayan says:

    Plzzzzzzzz send me the AL French past papers 2004-2014 sooon. Thank You

  10. Soory Venu says:

    Hi,Send me 2014 Chemistry& Physics& Combinedmaths Past papers

  11. Dumidu says:


  12. jareshna says:

    Please send me a a/l 2014 past paper accounting
    And answer sheet also

  13. jareshna says:

    Please send a/l past paper accounting And answer sheet

  14. Kushani says:

    Please sent me 1990-2002 A/L accounting past papers and answers.

    1. Kushani says:

      Please sent me 1990-2002 A/L accounting past papers and answers

  15. shaini says:

    send me 2014 accounting, economics past paper & answer

  16. Jana says:

    Please send me the 2014 economic pass papers.

  17. dilanji says:

    plz sent me economics 2012-2014 , businuss studies 2013,2014 and accounting 2011-2014

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