Does all food in Sri Lanka include chilli?

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Me and my family are traveling to Sri Lanka for about two weeks this summer. Unfortunately, I am allergic to any amount of chilli in food… we’re only traveling to touristy areas… Will I be able to find food easily, or do you think I should be bringing the camper food?

5 thoughts on “Does all food in Sri Lanka include chilli?”

  1. chaminda l says:

    There is plenty of good food without chilli

    Buns/Rolls/Savory foods (nearly every shop sells these, they are cheap)
    Sweet rolls
    Tambili (King coconut, drink)
    String Hoppers (like a noodle patty looking thing, google it)
    Hoppers (like a bowl shaped pancake (my favourite)
    Bread is fresh every morning and very very cheap…almost everywhere there is bread..

    There are plenty of western foods there as well., chinese food, malay (not 100% authentic though but still good)…the country has developed a lot…

    I suggest to go to Sigiriya Rock…a huge rock you can climb via a stair case…

    Also the ruins…..

    Hickadua has plenty of beach side hotels…last time i went the beach has tiny fish which eat from your hand from the shore line…

    If you get bored you can shop at Majestic city in Colombo

    If you like elephants go to the elephant orphanage, they even have elephant rides (everyone sits on a long chair tied to the elephant) also there are baby elephants….

    If you like fireworks there are heaps of them too 🙂

    ALSO one important note: always have your passport with you wherever you go because there are army checkpoints, don’t get scared though

  2. Sen says:

    not all foods have chilli in them in sri lanka, u can tell them to put less chilli or none

  3. chickbob says:

    Well us sri lankans love chilli in our food yes, but you will have other options without chilli. Just let the place you’re eating at know you’re allergic and they will make sure it’s ok for you! We are very nice that way.

  4. ŦĦĔ ƦȆƉǾӾ says:

    chaminda deserve 10 points
    all true

  5. Robin B says:

    Not many Sri Lankan dishes are made with chilli, the food tastes hot but the heat will come from ginger, not chilli.

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