Do you know about Holborn College, London? Is it good College for an international student from Sri Lanka?

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Is this college good? Is it easy to find accommodation for me and my husband around that college (Studio Flat is ideal)? Is it easy to find part time jobs around?

2 thoughts on “Do you know about Holborn College, London? Is it good College for an international student from Sri Lanka?”

  1. PE2008 says:

    Holborn College is a typical school relying on obtaining UK student visas for Indian, Nigerian, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi residents, which many promptly abuse. The existence of such bogus schools is the reason the UK government has moved to restrict Student Visas from these countries and the schools which rely on such overseas students.

    The response below skirts the fact that Holborn was banned for a time, and only recently was given back it Tier 4 “A” status (which is actually a second rate status; “Most Trusted” is the highest status).

    An entire industry has grown up in England or worthless and near-worthless colleges recruiting most of their students from third world countries. How many of Holborn College students are actually British, and how many are attending on a Student Visa?

  2. Jenny Birch says:

    Holborn College based in Greenwich, London, currently has 1400 students studying towards both business and law, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It is definitely not the college referred to in the previous reply since we are an “A” rated sponsor for the UK Border Agency and have been training international students for 35 years. There are other colleges with Holborn College in their title and I can only assume the previous message refers to one of these colleges.

    With regards the original question, we have 2 members of our student support team who are here to help you find accommodation and part time work which will fit round your studies. Please contact us at if you would like further information.

    I hope this is helpful

    Jenny Birch
    Head of College

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