Do Sri Lankans need the lotus tower?

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I got an e-mail recently with some articles published on weekend new papers about a tower which is going to be built in Sri Lanka. It is going to be in Colombo and has been named as lotus tower. It is estimated to cost US$ 100 million.

Lotus tower when completed will stand 350 meters in height. The overall shape and appearance will be that of a lotus flower and will take up 20 acres of ground area.
The first and second floors will be used by media broadcasting and the telecommunications system. It is planned that there will be four basement levels including a shopping complex. According to the source it will take only 30 seconds for people wishing to visit the top floor of the tower which will accommodate gamble casinos and night clubs.

Do you think Sri Lankans expect this in view of the existing conditions of the country?

4 thoughts on “Do Sri Lankans need the lotus tower?”

  1. I think every country has these type of monumental structures and it is good for Sri lanka to have a one. This will enhance the country’s image and good for economy. I am looking forward to see this.

  2. Ram88 says:

    In Sri Lanka, more than 200 000 people are homeless in north and east. there are no allocation of money in budget. lots of people are suffering without food and basic needs. The Sri Lankan government is like such project because of the politicians can get huge amount of money from that. In my point of view, investment of money is needed to improved education, health services, public infrastructure facilities and agriculture. nowadays, politicians are demands at least 10% of total project cost as under payment to approved the projects. this is propagates all over the island like cancer. This situation is not good for future. I am so sad due to the bad politician’s activity.

  3. Admin says:

    The building of the Nelum Kuluna (Lotus tower) will commence on january 20, 2012. They have changed the location of the tower from Paliyagoda to Colombo.

    You can read an article in our magazine about lotus tower and watch the video promotion of the project using the link below.

  4. rajbanda says:

    Yes Absolutely>> Sri lanka economy is the worlds 4th fastest growing . As such IT is of vital importance. What is not important is the name of the tower or if its South Asia’s tallest but the fact that we have good communication to take the country to the next level. That will surely happen. Sri Lank is finally free of terror , wild terror. There is no stopping now and if you visit Sri Lanka you see it everywhere.
    Only people with personal agendas think otherwise. All Far East nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand developed because of good communications and the is is essentially our Telecom Tower taking Sri lanka to the world.

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