Did Suraj Mapa get married ?

Samson . Posted in Celebrity News and Gossips 2958 2 Comments

I happened to see few photos in the internet which claim to be from Suraj Mapa’s wedding. But those images seem to be from a modeling event rather than in real life. Only the pictures of couples shown and in various dresses.
But there are convincing web site banners saying that these images are from Suraj Mapa’s wedding.
So does anybody know whether he got married or about the authenticity of these images . I am just curious.

2 thoughts on “Did Suraj Mapa get married ?”

  1. I also think that he is not yet married. I also saw the images and they seem to be from a modeling shooting. Also I noticed the girl in some of the images were different. I do not think Suraj Mapa will have his wedding without any friends and family.

  2. Krishantha says:

    No i think he is not married yet. Those images were from Indika Mallawarachchi from a modeling event. Those gossips sites will post anything to promote their site.

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