Dental school in Sri Lanka

Shanya . Posted in Education 2983 2 Comments

Is there a private university in Sri Lanka where you can get a private university dental surgeon degree?

2 thoughts on “Dental school in Sri Lanka”

  1. Krishantha says:

    To my knowledge there is no private dental degree in Sri Lanka. Peradeniya Univeristy has the single dental faculty in Sri Lanka and it was used to take less than 100 of students per year. ( I am not sure about the current number).

    I heard there are few new private medical schools in Sri Lanka now and They may be having courses for Dental surgery.

  2. thaha says:

    hi shanya… i am looking forward to enroll at dental school as i just finished my a levels… so did you find any private dental schools in sri lanka? or is it just the university of peradeniya that offers the course?

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