The Untold Story of Athula Samarasekara’s First Test Match Experience

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Athula Samarasekara is a former Sri Lankan cricketer. He was a fighting cricketer and came to Sri Lankan cricket team from Galle. Athula shares his life experiences among his facebook friends wiring in his own style. This is one of his recent writing that is been shared in facebook. He has a big fan base in facebook who are eagerly reading his stories. Their feedback shows how much he is popular. He is a genuine human who has won the lot of obstacles in his cricketing career and in his personal life. Still he is very much proud of his life experiences. This writing that we sharing today is about his first test appearance. We though this is something that we want to share with our readers. The article clearly shows what the cricketers from out station went through those days. We used to watch these cricket matches eagerly and we loved these cricketers. We do not still have any doubt about their love for the country even though we did not win much of those matches. However, they were doing their very best in the center and they laid the strong foundation for the all the fame we achieved later in cricket. Thanks to social media, we now can get to know these emotional stories. Athula always write with a sense of humour in his articles, yet he delivers a very strong message to younger generation of cricketers. Our aim in sharing his article in this way is not only to enlighten you (our readers) about this great cricketer but to have an understanding about Sri Lanka cricket. As Athula ends his article rightly saying that there is no big difference in the bumbledom of Sri Lankan cricket administrators. Do you like this article Athula Samarasekara (Full name – Maitipage Athula Rohitha Samarasekara), was born on August 05, 1961 in Colombo. He was raised in Galle. He is well known as an agressive opening batsman who liked to dominate the bowling. He also contributed as a bowel. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and engaged in coaching cricket. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Leasing for Motor Bikes and scooters in Sri Lanka

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Having a motorbike is a dream of most Sri Lankan boys and girls. Most of the public now use motorbikes for their day today commutes due to many factors. The scooters are also becoming much popular both among ladies and gents. The car price is increasing everyday and there is a higher maintenance cost. Further, the insurance also is not bearable to many. Even though you have a car, it is really hard to use them during the busy hours. In contrast, one can easily drive through the traffic in a motorbike. However, there are still many who can not afford a motorbike. Specially, those who just started working. Usually, the leasing services was limited to unregistered cars and other four wheel vehicles in the past. Then, there were leasing services targeting the new three-wheel buyers. Now, there is a good news for those who want to buy a motorbike. Following are few of the leasing companies providing leasing facility for motorbikes. 1. Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL) MBSL is a finance company affiliated with Bank of Ceylon. They are providing motorbike leasing under the “Double Wheel Leasing” service for new motorbike buyers. MBSL issues this leasing facility for both brand new motorbikes and scooters. The recognized brands for this leasing service at the time of writing this are Honda,¬† Bajaj, Yamaha, TVS, Suzuki and Hero. It is significant that they provide one day leasing service with minimum documents needed for the acceptance. The installments are low with very competitive interest rates. The leasing duration is five years. They finance 70% of the market value of the motor bike. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Drums Classes In Sri Lanka

Drums Classes in Sri Lanka

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Interested in learning to play drums? Here are the list of classes to learn playing drums. We will be updating this post as we find more and more classes. If you know about more classes please send them to us. 1. Drums Class by Ranjith Silva Accomplished and popular drums player Ranjith Silva is conducting drums classes in Kalubowila. There is no age limit to enter these classes. Ranjith Peiris was one of the member of Stanley Peiri’s “Fortune” music band. Venue – No 34/17 A, 3rd patumaga, Kadawatha para, Kalubowila Starting Date – Give a call to following number Phone number – 072 3057334 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Nilmini Thennakoon With Her Daughter

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Nilmini Thennakoon is a Sri Lankan teledrama and film actress. This beautiful actress is talented and admired as a kind hearted person in the field. But her family life was not successful. Her first marriage ended up in divorce and Nilmini had to adjust to the new life with her daughter. Then the second marriage a proposed one did not last long. Here is a photo of Nilmini with her daughter whom she describes her whole world. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

What are the secrets of Sri Lanka government win over Tamil tigers ?

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Sri Lankan government could defeat the separatist LTTE few years back. I heard that the war in Sri Lanka lasted more than thirty years and it killed thousands of innocent people and both side armies. It is also reported that it was this Tamil terrorist group who first introduced suicide bombers. They also used the women suicide bombers and at times in disguise of pregnant ladies. The government under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksha and Army commander Sarath Fonseka could defeat Liberation of Tamil Tigers of Ealam (LTTE) by killing its leader Prabhakaran. Then they fully captured land which were under the control of LTTE for years. Then they could surrender LTTE international leader Kumaran Pathmanatha who is popular as K.P. These were the few facts I could learn from Internet and do not want to hear that again. What I want to know is what exactly lead to the success of this fight after 30 years. Please give me an comprehensive answer as I am studying word politics at University and I may utilize it for my studies if I get a good answer. How was the Government in Sri lanka able to finally defeat the Tamil Tigers? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Will there be peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka?

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With the major war against terror in Sri Lanka coming closer to its end, there are new hopes of prosperity for the entire country. What do you think? Will there be peace and harmony as it used to be about 30years ago? What is needed for people to start trusting each other and bring development to the entire country, which had been the paradise of Indian Ocean. Is there anything you can suggest to make it happen? Can you help? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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