Saddhamangala Sooriyabandara – Family Photos

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Saddmangala Sooriyabandara is a television personality with many talents. These days he is popular as the script writer of the “Harakotiya” and “Kotipathi” teledramas. He has appeared in television screen as a program presenter, actor and a television program producer. Here are few of his family photos. Saddamangala’s wife is Chethani Wijethunga. His only son is Induwara Sooriyabandara. Do you like the photos? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Actor Albert Moses (Ranjeet Singh in Mind Your Language) was an all-rounder & a Sri Lankan

Albert Moses - Actor in mind your language as Ranjeet Singh

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Mind Your Language was one of the internationally hit British Sitcoms came to live in late 70s. The production was introduced as a Sitcom in 1977-1986 period through ITV network in Britain. The story set in an adult ESL class based in London, UK where the “English” was taught by Mr. Jeremy Brown (Barry Evans). The English Teacher, Mr. Brown had to put up with ridiculously hilarious and somewhat of “fruit salad” individuals (foreign students) who were struggling to learn “English.” Due to its popularity gained in local and international market, Mind Your Language was literally sold to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. The Raja Kaduwa Sitcom in Sri Lanka was solely based on the original Brit hit, Mind Your Language. The original cast on Mind Your Language were, Barry Evans as Mr. Jeremy Brown, Zara Nutley as Miss Dolores Courtney, Iris Sadler as Gladys, Tommy Godfrey as Sidney and the students included: George Camiller as Giovanni Cupello, Jacki Harding as Anna Schmidt, Ricardo Montez as Juan Cervantes, Albert Moses as Ranjeet Singh, Pik-Sen Lim as Chung Su-Lee, Robert Lee as Taro Nagazumi, Kevork Malikyan as Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious, Francoise Pascal as Danielle Favre, Din Shafeek as Ali Nadim, Jamila Massey as Jamila Ranjha, Anna Bergman as Ingrid Svenson and Gabor Vernon as Zoltan Szabo. In fourth series, additional 5 people were introduced to represent the new staff and the new students. Albert Moses, also well known as Ranjeet Singh on Mind Your Language was a Sri Lankan actor who had also taken part as an Executive Director of the production, along with Stuart Allen. Albert Moses became such a notable character to Sri Lankans through Mind Your Language because of his versatility as an actor. Albert Moses was born in Gampola, Sri Lanka on December 19, 1937. While living in Kandy, Albert did his daily work near University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.  Later in 1960s, he moved to his fellow country India and began his acting career along with his movie production and direction. From there, he moved to Africa for some production work in documentaries.  Finally, Albert settled in city of London, UK to study theater and drama. In early 1970s, he received small acting roles in British television series. Later, he was invited to play the role of “Ranjeet Singh,” in Mind Your Language. Ranjeet Singh was portrayed as a London underground Sikh employee, hailing from Punjab struggling to learn English in Mr. Brown’s class. At the same time, Ranjeet was inertly trying to establish his roots as a devoted Indian Sikh dude while mingling into his new “Brit” culture among his foreign friends. Many who knew Mind Your Language sitcom, thought that the character of “Ranjeet Singh” was in fact a real Indian Sikh dude! Well, to their surprise, Ranjeet Singh was none other than a loving-hearted Sri Lankan called, Albert Moses. Albert Moses was said to be an all-rounder, who had mastered in many languages such as, Sinhalese, Tamil, German and Arabic. As an artist, he was trained in fencing and showed his colours in singing, dancing, judo, karate, and motor-cycling stunts. Alber Moses truly was a gem to our Sri Lanka, who bought us joyful memories and proudness as a Sri Lankan! May You Rest In Peace Sir! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Meena Prasadini’s Wedding Pre-Shoot Video

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Meena Prasadini is an upcoming and talented singer who became famous after her appearance in Sirasa Super Star Contest. Meena has a voice which suits silver screen and it is expected that she will fulfill the requirement of Sri Lankan film industry. The lucky winner of Meena’s heart is Eresh. Here is their wedding pre-shoot video done by Mr. Danushka Senadeera. The dressing has been done by Chandimal Jayasinghe. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Minister Palitha Range Bandara Daughter’s Wedding

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Minister Palitha Range Bandara’s beautiful daughter Eranthi is getting married today. The lucky groom is also much known in the political field and he is the current chairman of the National Youth Services Council – Mr. Eranda Waliangage. Eranda is a lawyer by profession and he is a strong supporter of ruling United National Party. The wedding is held today at “Colombo Cinnamon Grand Hotel”. It is believed that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingha is going to sign their marriage registration. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Nalin Perera’s Children – Photo+

Nalin Perera with family

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Nalin Perera is busy these days with his band in preparation for Marian’s latest musical show “Clarence unplug volume 2”. It was also rumored recently that he is now separated and he is dating a new girl. Nalin is the father of two children. Nalin’s daughter is Swetha who is the eldest and now eighteen years old. His son, Nikil, is thirteen years old. Like their dad both of them have skills in arts. Nikil is good in drawing and Swetha is a creative girl with talent in dancing, singing and playing the piano. Even though Nalin’s children have not made much of public appearance media which is a good thing, we found this photo of them. Please leave your comment and check our articles in Lanka Help Magazine and Lanka Help Resources. Lanka Help web sites are dedicated to promote Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans. Please like our facebook fanpage to stay updated. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Mahendra Perera’s Family – Photo


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Mahendra Perera is one of the most talented actor we have in Sri Lanka. he has shown his skill in acting in cinemea, television and on stage. he also runs a acting training academy which has produced many new talented artists like Gayan Wickramathilaka. Mahendra also directed few teledramas. Mahendra is not seen in TV frequently now as he does not appear in Mega teledramas. Not only he does not act but also this award winning talented actor is one of the artist who advocate against the Mega teledrama trend. He is talkative and friendly when he is being interviewed on television or in print media. But very less is known about his family. Mahendra’s wife is Thakshila Damayanthi. He has three sons, Uvin, Naveen and Praveen. Here is a photo of Mahendra Perera’s family. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Sanath Gunathilaka as a Buddhist Monk – Photos

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Sanath Gunathilaka is one of the most senior and talented actor we have. He is also a award winning script writer and a film director. Sanath is still in our memories eternally as the lover of silver screen. Sanath Gunathilaka entered the Buddhist Priesthood last Thursday (August 22, 2012) at Benthara Sapugoda Temple. He was named Hagunaketha Wimalarathna. This was a controversial act and it got mixed reaction from the Buddhist leaders. Some of the leading Buddhist Priests described this as a cowedly act. According to Sanath, he did this in a bid to get experience about the priesthood for an upcoming movie. He is going to act as a Buddhist Monk in a future film. He again became a lay person on August 29 after spending seven days as a monk. Following are few images of Haguranketha Wimalarathna thero.     (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Kamal Addaraarachchi’s Family – Photos

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Kamal Addaraarachchi is one of the most talented Sri Lankan actor who have shown his talent both in Sri Lankan films and teledramas. Kamal has not limited his career to only acting but he has been a singer and popular reality show presenter. Also he is a businessman. Kamal is a proud of father of a son, Sachin. Kamal’s father has passed away and his loving mother is still living. He has three brothers and one sister. Kamal Addaraarachchi With His Family In october 2010.Kamal and his wife Anurani, his wife Sachin, Along with Anurani’s brothers children Ryan and Princess Rose (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Udari Warnakulasuriya Still Maintaining Her Body Shape After Pregnancy

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Sarasaviya News Paper featured Sri lankan actress Udari Warnakulasuriya on their first page today. Udari has been in many rumors during her short career and she gave birth to her first child few month back. Her husband Sujith is a medical doctor by profession and works in a Singapore hospital. Udari appeared in many paper shoots with the baby. No doubt that you will notice that this beautiful actress is maintaining her body shape in this image. Her dress with black horizontal stripes looks gorgeous.   Udari Warnakulasuriya with her baby daughter (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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