Can DeLon Jayasinghe speak Sinhala?

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I am a big fan of Delon Jayasinghe. I am well aware of his support to Sri Lanka against the MIA’s false propaganda against Sri Lanka. I know DeLon was born and raised in USA.
I read recently that DeLon is now acting in a Sinhalese film called Sinhawalokanaya. Has anyone dubbed to DeLon’s character or can DeLon speak sinhala fluently?

One thought on “Can DeLon Jayasinghe speak Sinhala?”

  1. Yes he can managed to speak in Sinhala and I have watched a video of him in an interview with Iraj. But he can not speak Sinhala fluently and it will not be sufficient for the film. Obviously someone is adding voice for him.
    I remember when Anarkali first appeared in films her voice also dubbed.

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