Bambalapitiya fortune teller place?

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Does anyone know the address or phone number of fortune teller in Bambalapitiya who use finger prints and date of birth to predict the future?
I heard that the name of the place “Nadi shasthra” or something similar. Does this “astrologer” or “Palm reader” still there?

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  1. Samson says:

    Yes there was a person in Bambalapitiya and I went there few years back. For me it was all true what he told. Following are the address and telephone number ( I took this from a friend). Please call and ask before going.
    191/1 kothalawela mawatha
    (first floor)
    bambalapitiya colombo 4

    1. maurie says:

      It is 19 1/1.. the way you’ve typend it looks like 191/1 … 🙂

  2. Kaveendra says:

    I. Was. Born. In. 1996. My. Birth. Time. Is. 4.25pm

  3. Kaveendra says:

    Tell. My. Future

  4. Daniel Sinon says:

    I am coming to colombo by the end of the month I would like to know if you are still practising

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  8. khu says:

    They are big liers in Bambalapitiya. Kothalawala Avenue. Go and find how they tell your and others names.

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