Ayurvedic Doctor Ranpatha Weda Mahatha – Treating Illnesses & Contact Information

Ayurvedic Doctor Ranpatha Weda Mahatha – Treating Illnesses & Contact Information

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Dr. R.M.DarmadasaPopularly known as Ranpatha Weda Pahatha, Dr.R.M.Darmadasa,  is an Ayurvedic doctor who is renounced to treat many diseases using natural treatment methods. In this article we will list few of the disease conditions he treats using his well researched, scientific and Ayurvedic treatment modalities. On your meeting with Ranpetha Weda Mahatha you will be able to gather educational leaflets and counseling on prevention of disease, healthy dietary practices, and maintaining the wellness achieved through medication. He has a practice experience extending more than 40 years.

1. Acid & Bile Imbalances causing Gastritis

2. Diabetes & Other Inherited Disorders

3. Skin Disease including Psoriasis & Vitiligo

4. Bronchial Asthma (Wheezing) & Catarrh (“Sem Roga”)

5. Joint Disease & Arthritis

6. Hemorrhoids(Piles) & Constipation

7. Male & Female Infertility/ Sub-fertility

8. Headache and other chronic head diseases

Here is the contact information of Ranpatha Weda Mahatha and his medical center.

Ranpatha Weda Mahatha

Ranpatha Weda Mahatha


1. Ranpatha Weda Mahatha – No 48 A, Boralla Road, Pannipitiya

Phone Numbers: 0115-676702 / 0115-882122

E-Mail: ranpathawedamahata@gmail.com

2. Dr. Ruwan Rathnayaka

Ranpatha Medical Center, No 663, Knady Road, Pattiya Handiya, Kelaniya

0757 906 906 / 0114 344 599 (Close on Wednesdays & Poya Holidays)


3 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Doctor Ranpatha Weda Mahatha – Treating Illnesses & Contact Information”

  1. Sunethra Aponsu says:

    I know this Veda mahaththaya who is really good for many problems like gastritis, asthma etc

  2. Saduni says:

    This doctor is in a mental upset. Plz be careful. He is a disgusting weda I ever seen. He telling lies to the patients.

    1. KAMAL says:


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