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Child Psychiatrists in Sri Lanka(Child Psychology)

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Are there any psychiatrists specialized in child psychology, who are available for consultation in or around Colombo? This will be very helpful!! KC Admin Update [on January 15, 2018]: Answer by Admin: While comment section below will also answer this question I would like to add an update. The Child Psychiatrist in Lady Ridgway Hospital (LRH) now is  Dr. Sudarshi Senevirathna. You can go to LRH out patient department and arrange an appointment at the child psychiatry clinic. Dr. Sudarshi Senevirathna is available on few days in private sector hospitals as well. Dr. Rasika Perera is another eminent child psychiatrist. As I understand he is in Kandy. There have been newly trained child psychiatrist. One of them is in Anuradhapura hospital. We will update you on this matter and please stay with us. Like our attempt to help you (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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