Adsense accounts for Sri Lankans?

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I live in Sri Lanka and I run a English language blog. my site run in blogger and it is few months old now. It has many original content posts and have some visitors. But unfortunately google absence did not accept my request for an account with them. I heard that it is hard to get new accounts these days. But one of my friend living in USA told me that there is no limitation for the sites which meet requirements. Is this because I live in Asia? or Is it due to the fact that I am using free blogger for my site. Is there anyone who can advise me in this regard.

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  1. There is no such delay in Canada. But you need to have a good web site with original content. Having enough traffic is not that essential and your site being in blogger is not at all a problem but a plus point. I suggest you to read the terms and conditions and then change your site accordingly. There are many Sri Lankans who have adsense and there are many who have registered recently.

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