Actor Hemasiri Liyanages Sons?

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I am a great fan of veteran film and teledrama actor, Hemasiri Lyanage (I Know the law). I heard that his second son going to marry Jackson Anthony’s daughter Madhawi.I know little about Saumya Liyanage, the eldest son (If I am correct) of Hemasiri Liyanage. He is not only actor but also he is also a lecturer. I know very little about other two sons. I know their names. Aloka and Indrachapa. Can anyone share what ever information about them.

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  1. Krishantha says:

    You are not alone, I am also a great fan of “I know the Law”. I think I know little bit more to share with you about Hemasiri Liyanage’s family.

    To my knowledge, Hemasiri Liyanage has three sons. The eldest is Saumya Liyanage. As we all know, he is a versatile actor and I suppose he is a much better person in real life than the characters he play. he is also a lecturer of Colombo University.

    Then next one is Dr. Aloka Liayanage. This is the only son of Mr. Hemasiri Liayanage that I have met. He studied in Jayawardanapura Medical faculty and was a brilliant student.

    Most of the time Dr. Aloka’s training involved Jayawardanapura and Kalubowila student. I think Dr. Aloka did his internship in Kalubowila (But I am not that sure). But I surely know he did most part of his post graduate training in Surgery at Kalubowila hospital. His mentors/preceptors/professors were great Surgeons like Prof. Mohan De Silva who is one of the best surgeon in the world. One can write a book about Prof. Mohan De Silva, but very few know about him.

    Coming back to Dr. Aloka, Even though he was from a popular family he is so humble. I have worked in the same hospital with him twice. He does not get angry easily and care for patients very well.

    When we talk about kalubowila hospital surgery prof unit and name Aloka, we should not get confused. Because there is a senior consultant, senior lecturer in the same unit sharing the same name. That is Dr. Aloka Pathira who himself is a eminent surgeon.

    Dr. Aloka did part of his post graduate training at Kalutara general Hospital too. By that time he had the affair with Madhavi Anthony (Jackson Anthony’s daughter).
    Already, as a surgeon he has saved thousands of life. Doing a post graduate training in Kalubowila during the war time, made him to work night and day serving army casualties too. Anyway surgery post graduate trainer is always on the run saving life. I know he is going to be a bright consultant surgeon soon.

    Mr. Hemasiri Liyanage’s third son is Indrdapa Liyanage who song a song with Kasun Kalhara . Then Indrachapa released few songs. These days he is a judge at Derana Singing competition and you all can see him if you watch one of those programs.

    I think Dr. Aloka and Madhavi Wathsala make a good couple. Recently while watching Derana dream star, I was explaining to my wife how lucky Hemasiri and his wife to have such good three children who have excelled in three different fields.

    I have heard that Mr.Hemasiri’s wife is an innocent and humble lady. She must be the secret behind all these successes.

    So wishing all the best to Dr. Aloka and Wathsala, I am winding up. Samson, I think you also must be happy knowing these facts. If I get remember anything more, I ll come back and write down.

  2. Admin says:

    We have posted few images from the wedding of Dr. Aloka Liyanage and Madawi Wathsala. Here is the link:

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