Albert Moses - Actor in mind your language as Ranjeet Singh
Actor Albert Moses (Ranjeet Singh in Mind Your Language) was an all-rounder & a Sri Lankan

Actor Albert Moses (Ranjeet Singh in Mind Your Language) was an all-rounder & a Sri Lankan

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Mind Your Language was one of the internationally hit British Sitcoms came to live in late 70s. The production was introduced as a Sitcom in 1977-1986 period through ITV network in Britain. The story set in an adult ESL class based in London, UK where the “English” was taught by Mr. Jeremy Brown (Barry Evans). The English Teacher, Mr. Brown had to put up with ridiculously hilarious and somewhat of “fruit salad” individuals (foreign students) who were struggling to learn “English.”

Due to its popularity gained in local and international market, Mind Your Language was literally sold to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. The Raja Kaduwa Sitcom in Sri Lanka was solely based on the original Brit hit, Mind Your Language.

Albert Moses - Actor in mind your language as Ranjeet SinghThe original cast on Mind Your Language were, Barry Evans as Mr. Jeremy Brown, Zara Nutley as Miss Dolores Courtney, Iris Sadler as Gladys, Tommy Godfrey as Sidney and the students included: George Camiller as Giovanni Cupello, Jacki Harding as Anna Schmidt, Ricardo Montez as Juan Cervantes, Albert Moses as Ranjeet Singh, Pik-Sen Lim as Chung Su-Lee, Robert Lee as Taro Nagazumi, Kevork Malikyan as Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious, Francoise Pascal as Danielle Favre, Din Shafeek as Ali Nadim, Jamila Massey as Jamila Ranjha, Anna Bergman as Ingrid Svenson and Gabor Vernon as Zoltan Szabo. In fourth series, additional 5 people were introduced to represent the new staff and the new students.

Albert Moses, also well known as Ranjeet Singh on Mind Your Language was a Sri Lankan actor who had also taken part as an Executive Director of the production, along with Stuart Allen. Albert Moses became such a notable character to Sri Lankans through Mind Your Language because of his versatility as an actor.

Albert Moses was born in Gampola, Sri Lanka on December 19, 1937. While living in Kandy, Albert did his daily work near University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.  Later in 1960s, he moved to his fellow country India and began his acting career along with his movie production and direction. From there, he moved to Africa for some production work in documentaries.  Finally, Albert settled in city of London, UK to study theater and drama. In early 1970s, he received small acting roles in British television series. Later, he was invited to play the role of “Ranjeet Singh,” in Mind Your Language. Ranjeet Singh was portrayed as a London underground Sikh employee, hailing from Punjab struggling to learn English in Mr. Brown’s class. At the same time, Ranjeet was inertly trying to establish his roots as a devoted Indian Sikh dude while mingling into his new “Brit” culture among his foreign friends.

Many who knew Mind Your Language sitcom, thought that the character of “Ranjeet Singh” was in fact a real Indian Sikh dude! Well, to their surprise, Ranjeet Singh was none other than a loving-hearted Sri Lankan called, Albert Moses.

Albert Moses was said to be an all-rounder, who had mastered in many languages such as, Sinhalese, Tamil, German and Arabic. As an artist, he was trained in fencing and showed his colours in singing, dancing, judo, karate, and motor-cycling stunts.

Alber Moses truly was a gem to our Sri Lanka, who bought us joyful memories and proudness as a Sri Lankan! May You Rest In Peace Sir!

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