Act 16 exam for foreign graduates

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My cousin is studying medicine in Russia and he will returns to Sri Lanka soon after his final next year. He wants to find out more information about Act 16 exam held by Sri lanka medical council. Can anyone help?

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  1. Shantha says:

    Act 16 exam is conducted by Sri Lanka Medical council with the help of Sri lanka governmennt teaching hospitals. I think it has a written part and practical (clinical exams) part.

    Those clinical exams are case based and similar to Sri lanka medical school final exam cases. According to few of my friends the examiners do not expect that much high standards from foreign graduates in these clinical exams considering the fact they are trained in a different country.

    There are study material available for Act 16 exams in the Colombo medical faculty photo copy shop run by Colombo Medical Faculty well fair society. Also it is advisable to read some of the books recommended for Colombo medical faculty students.

    Act 16 students are examined by Sri Lankan consultants at the practical exams. Students are given a real patient and they are supposed to take the history and do the relevant examination. Then they are questioned about the management of the patient. These long cases are set up to examine the candidate’s ability to work as an Intern medical officer.

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