About what percentage of people in colombo sri lanka speak english?

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I want to visit colombo, and move there if i like it.

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4 thoughts on “About what percentage of people in colombo sri lanka speak english?”

  1. Adsense S says:

    Most of person can speak English. But they are not fluent in Engish. But they can manage the conversation.


  2. falastina says:

    I think people will be able to understand what you say…..but you might not be able to have a fluent conversation.

  3. pkeleti72 says:

    Colombo is a tourist area and most people (80%) associated with tourism speak a reasonably good English.. However, if you go out of that tourism circle, 30% of people can speak English alright. If you go into rural area then 10% may speak English. Go and Know by yourself it is the thrill. You never get lost.

  4. nazlink says:

    about 75%. they are mostly educated

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