About Medha Jayarathna?

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I would like to know about beautiful Sri Lankan actress and announcer Medha Jayaratha. Who is her husband? She seems to have a good media education, isn’t it right? Does she have children? Why Medha is not acting in “And Company”?

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  1. Krishantha says:

    There are few questions to answer here. let me try to share what I know with you.
    1. Medha’s husband is also in the same field. He was the director, producer and writer of the teledrama “Anawaratha”.
    2. Medha is a graduate from Kelaniya University. She has majored in Mass Media.
    3. She has a son and he also appeared in “Anawaratha” teledrama.
    4. Medha was in “”Ans company” a while. But she later on decided not to continue acting in that teledrama as she thinks that “And Company” is bit more harsh.
    Medha has also worked as a program producer in Swarnawahini.

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